Spine 2.0, customizable UI

September 27th, 2014

We've now released Spine 2.0. Quite a lot of effort was put into it, with the intention being to lay the foundation for expanding the power of Spine in the future. The most notable new feature is that Spine now has a tabbed view system that allows the workspace to be customized to your needs (and monitor size). You can now place your dopesheet to the side of the editor area and enjoy adjusting your animation using the full screen height.

Beyond customization, the new view system allows us to more easily add new functionality. For example, we've added a new view called Animations which makes it much easier to browse your animations without scrolling around in the tree. In the future we may add the ability to queue and playback multiple animations on separate tracks, which is something that currently can only be previewed at runtime. We have plans for many new views, such as a skins view that allows multiple skins to be combined and previewed, a layers view, and more. Stay tuned!

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