There seems to be a problem if you create multiple objects that are using the same SkeletonData Asset.

For example
Change the image of the parts to the A-Oject by using the skateAnimation.sketchon.SetAttachment.
We were able to see that the image of parts in the A-Object was changed.
But it seems to affect the data in B-Oject.
I could see that the order or direction of the image in the animation included in the B-Oject was reversed.

I set the order in layer differently in the Skeleton Animation Scripts to work properly.

Isn't there any other way than this way?

Can't we create multiple objects that are using the same SkeletonData Asset on the same layer and use them?

Sorry for not being good at English.
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Don't worry, your English is fine. :)

The SkeletonData is shared across skeleton instances, as shown in this diagram:

Note how everything in the Setup Pose Data box is shared by the skeleton instances, which are represented by the Instance Data box.

If you are just setting the attachment of a skeleton instance, it should not affect other skeleton instances. If you are manipulating the attachments themselves, then it will affect other skeleton instances. It might help to show the code for exactly what you are doing.

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