I was hoping for the addition to the Animations panel while in Animate mode. I would love for there to be a toggle that would automatically select and display the preview of the currently selected animation.
(Unless there is a cool way to do this already that I am unaware of?)

As it is now you must manually select the animation and then manually select the preview of that same animation in the preview panel. When I am adding in different clothing/armor sets to a skeleton that has a lot of animations on it, I find myself spending a good deal of time going back and forth selecting the animation I want to test in the Animations panel and then scrolling in the list of the Preview panel to find that same animation.
I was hoping it would be possible to have a small checkbox or toggle button in the Animations panel that would allow me to set the preview window to automatically display the same animation that I currently have selected in the Animations panel. Not only would this be a huge time saver.. it would also prevent me from accidentally making incorrect adjustments to an animation caused by a mix up of what is being previewed vs what animation is actually selected.

Thanks for taking the time to consider the request :D
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Thanks for explaining both your idea and why you would like it. It's a good idea, we'll get it done in 3.8!


It's in the latest beta, in this menu:

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