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I'm considering using Spine for my 2D game project.
In that project, one key element is that players can customize their character. Faces, skin color, hair, hats, and for the beginning single-piece outfits. Any combination should be possible. Now, those characters should have combat animations, sleeping animations, drinking, maybe sittings and all kinds of other gestures and interactions with the game world.
To be able to implement that, I'd really like to avoid having to reimplement each animation for every single outfit. That would be kinda madness. In addition, players and content creators should be able to add additional outfits and content to the game, that is not present in the base game, meaning they should be able to mod the game to a certain extent.
So what I need is a way to generically animate characters and then use those animations with any outfit, hair, face and weapon combination available. Also, the mods/texture packs might only be download when already running the game. Possible from a game server because it will be a multiplayer game, where the server will decide the content (security implicitations are a different topic though).
So, my question is:
Will I be able to implement my requirements using spine?
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Yep, many Spine users are doing exactly that!


I should add, check out the skins demo and click Randomize a bunch of times (and the rest, all the demos are neat!):
Spine: Demos: Skins
Also the Spine Runtimes Guide:
Spine Runtimes Guide
Specifically, the Customization section of Runtime Skins:
Runtime Skins - Spine Runtimes Guide: Customization

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